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MovingTipsWith the increased volatility in the job market and the fluctuating housing market, more and more Americans are faced with the fear of an impeding move. Whether moving down the street or across the country there are a few steps that can significantly improve the needed transitions. The steps that are needed for a successful move come down to simple logistics and the necessity of self-care. Often individuals attempt to make significant changes in their latitudes without consideration for changes in attitude. Either way, the physical and emotional pressures in changing environments should be taken seriously.

Moving is kind of like eating an elephant; it is a daunting task that can only be accomplished one bite at a time. The key to a successful move is effective and efficient organization. Movers should keep one organized notebook of all of the items that need to be completed and schedule things carefully to prevent increased levels of stress and fatigue. Create a time frame that allows for the larger tasks to be completed along side the smaller tasks that provide the necessary sense of accomplishment. Successful movers also find smart solutions for many of the logistical nightmares that consume needed time and energy. Get moving quotes if finances allow, make appropriate use of storage facilities, or contact organizations that specialize in moving tips to help take some of the load off.

The most important issue that the vast majority of movers overlook is the necessity for self-care. Plotting out a realistic time frame and keeping organized are only part of the stress reducing activities that can ensure a successful move. Moving is an awesome time to reconsider the benefits of exercise and healthy eating. Make sure to find time for activities that are both enjoyable and relaxing in the schedule to offset the hectic schedule of relocating possessions and functionality. The best moving tip for ensuring a successful move is to maintain a positive outlook and find friends and family to make the work pleasurable. Plan a packing party, schedule time for saying goodbye to critical people, and ask other for the needed support.

The final step to a successful move includes creating checklists for the connection and disconnection of services, the redirection of deliverable goods and services, and the relocation of funds and important data. Many of the task necessary to deal with local utilities can be handled through the local post office who likely provides all of the needed information for relocating. Electricity, water, phone, gas and other utilities that aid in maintaining a decent quality of life should be taken care of first. Mail, including newspaper and magazine subscriptions, should be forwarded. Financial issues should be squared away; including a change of address for the IRS, credit card companies, and insurance providers. Make sure to also see to the important task of getting any important school, doctor, or dentist records that are needs in the new locale.

There is probably a very sound rationale that the early nomadic cultures of the world had for erecting villages in a known location. There is safety and security in the known surroundings that make individuals feel safe. The disruption to our lives that is cause by a move can overwhelm the sturdiest of souls. With careful planning and precaution, every move can be a successful move.

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