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Long-MoversMoving across the country, does pose it's own set of unique challenges. However, informed consumers, who devote a little bit of time and effort in devising a realistic, practical and flexible plan to facilitate a smooth move, will always be able to successfully pull it off, while making adjustments, as needed. Over the years, many of us have accumulated for better or worse, a lot of things that have taken residence in various parts of our home. Taking a mental note of everything we own, creating a list, setting up general categories, such as appliances, furniture, clothing, miscellaneous items and contacting professional movers, must be done in an organized fashion. It is true of course that the process of locating everything we have, can get a little tedious and time-consuming.

However, if we were to setup a weekly schedule, with specific things to do on a given day, such as buying supplies on one day, cleaning out the garage on the following day and boxing up our valuables in the attic on the third day, the overall transition process will almost immediately begin to take shape. All nonessential items such as old, functional televisions, our grown children's unused baby crib sets or toys, out of season clothing or equipment, should be placed in boxes, tagged with a colorful label based on category and set aside, in a secure place. All things that are considered to be disposable, such as broken furniture, electronics, old kitchen or bathroom fixtures and other material made from plastic or metal, that are no longer being used, should be thrown out. It's important to keep in mind, that plastic or glass must be placed in specific color-coded recycle bins. That way, sanitation personnel will be able to carefully handle trash bags without the risk of sustaining an injury and be able to properly dispose of them.

Needless to say, all essential items should be boxed up, at the very end. It's important to continue handling your everyday business, while the task of moving your stuff, is steadily progressing. However, shutting of utilities on a specified date, filling out a change of address form at the Post office, contacting the banks and insurance companies, should all be done, at least one month prior to the move. Any magazine or newspaper subscriptions would need to be contacted either online or over the phone, at least one billing cycle prior to your last day, at your current address. Once all items in the home, have been properly categorized, labeled and strategically placed, in common use areas, such as the living room, dining room, backyard or the garage, it's time to shop around for an affordable estimate from the moving companies.

Getting a quote, simply requires to visit a mover's website and fill out all appropriate information online, to get an estimate almost immediately or calling up a toll free or local number, during business hours. Long distance movers are professionals, who have reasonable rates, a good reputation, proven track record and can furnish references, if asked. These companies are always bonded and registered with states and have years of experience under their belt. Additionally, these seasoned veterans, are very knowledgeable, in the areas of packing up material and are always eager to offer useful suggestions as well as moving supplies, to help homeowners properly and safely pack up their valuables. Furthermore, they always offer to handle the packing of all items, are willing to accommodate all customers and work around their busy schedules.

Moving companies, employ experienced drivers who have excellent driving records. Their performance records are constantly reevaluated, to insure compliance with company regulations. Movers take their job very seriously and are constantly tweaking or adjusting their approach to each job, in order to provide the best level of service. Lastly, all moving corporations rely on word of mouth, for continued business. As a result, maintaining a very good customer satisfaction rating is critical to staying in business.

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